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Gueydan, Vermilion Parish, LA Police Department

Updated on: April 17, 2023
Gueydan Police Department
Location 414 Main Street, Gueydan, Louisiana, 70542

The Gueydan Police Department is located in Gueydan, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. The Gueydan Police Department was created in 1888 and is one of the oldest police departments in Louisiana state. Gueydan has grown from a small town to a vibrant urban area with over 1,398 residents.

The Gueydan law enforcement department understands how important it is to safeguard your family, particularly if you have small children or elderly relatives residing with you. Gueydan Police Department helps prevent unrest and preserve personal Gueydan property, individual rights, and human life.

Gueydan Police Department Arrests

To locate arrests made by the Gueydan law enforcement department, you can check their website for recent Gueydan arrest logs or press releases. If they don’t have it online, you can contact the Gueydan law enforcement department directly and ask for information on arrests. You can also use the Gueydan public records request process to obtain arrest information. Additionally, you can find the local news outlets in the Gueydan area, they might report on arrests made by the Gueydan Police Office.

Gueydan, LA Police Records

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Gueydan Police Department Jail Roster

The Gueydan law enforcement department publishes a jail roster of Gueydan offenders on their website. This roster includes current and past inmates, along with details such as booking date, bond amount and court date. Information can be accessed by visiting the website or calling the Gueydan Police Office directly at 337-536-9219.

Divisions in the Gueydan Police Department

There are numerous divisions within the Gueydan law enforcement agency. Each subdivision is responsible for keeping the Gueydan neighborhood safe, secure, and crime-free.

  • The Gueydan Police Office criminal intelligence division is in charge of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating details regarding criminal activity in Gueydan.
  • The Gueydan Police Office patrol division is responsible for the day-to-day law enforcement activities in Gueydan. The Gueydan Police Department patrol division is divided into traffic, field training/ enforcement, and special operations.
  • Special operations are responsible for all aspects of Gueydan Police Department operations that are not defined as part of standard law enforcement department patrol duties.
  • The Gueydan law enforcement agency community policing division is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with Gueydan.

How to Contact Gueydan Police Department

Gueydan law enforcement agency can be reached at the following numbers: 337-536-9219, or fax 337-536-9302, or visit Gueydan Police Department at 414 Main Street, Gueydan, Louisiana, 70542 911 for emergencies.

You can also visit the Gueydan Police Department’s website to find out how to join the Gueydan law enforcement department or learn more about what they do.

Gueydan Police Department — General Information

Facility Name Gueydan Police Department
Facility Type Police Department
Address 414 Main Street, Gueydan, Louisiana, 70542
City Gueydan
Postal Code 70542
State Louisiana
County Vermilion Parish


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